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The aim of our PRINCE2 courses is to deliver a structured and proven approach for the management of a project. Our project management training, which is based on the PRINCE2 methodology, provides an understanding of all elements requiring control within a project management life cycle. Today PRINCE2 is becoming world’s favorite project management method of choice.
PRINCE2 Courses for management of project
Our PRINCE2 courses are based on PRINCE2 2017.

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3 day PRINCE2 Foundation Course

Course Aim:

To develop the participant’s understanding of the elements that make up the PRINCE2 project management method and the underlining guidance supporting its application.

The course concludes with the 1 hour Foundation Certification exam.

2 day PRINCE2 Practitioner Course

Course Aims:

  • Develop the participant’s ability to apply PRINCE2 in different project environments and adapt PRINCE2 under specific project scenarios.
  • Prepare participants for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.

The course concludes with the 2.5 hour Practitioner Certification exam.

All PRINCE2 Practitioner participants will also receive 2 days online support during evenings or on a weekend as required. Contact us for more information.

5 day PRINCE2 Foundation Plus Practitioner Course

This course package combines both the Foundation and Practitioner project management course packages at a discounted price. Delegates can complete both certification levels in the same week or participate in the Foundation course in one month and complete the Practitioner course in a following month and still receive the discounted fare.

1 day PRINCE2 Overview

Course Aim:

The PRINCE2 Overview course is designed to provide project team members an understanding on how the PRINCE2 methodology operates. In this course participants will be introduced to the elements that make up PRINCE2 and be given the opportunity to practice key concepts and tools.

½ day PRINCE2 Senior Management Workshop

Course Aim:

To demonstrate how senior management can effectively control a project without needing to get involved in the project on a day by day basis.

The program is based on the theme effective project governance. The workshop covers:

  • Scope and value of PRINCE2
  • Project management governance
  • Practical hints and tips on how to effectively apply PRINCE2
  • Best practice project management: What questions to ask your Project Manager

3 day PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner Course

Course Aims:

  • Develop understanding on how to integrate PRINCE2 with agile behaviours, concepts and techniques
  • Acquire understanding on how to apply PRINCE2 Agile to support agile product development
  • Prepare participants for the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner exam.

The course concludes with the 2.5 hour PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner Certification exam.

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