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PRINCE2 Certification Exams
Are you seeking an internationally recognised project management certification?

Does your company seek assurance that project managers have the required knowledge and competencies to manage a project according to best practices?

PRINCE2 courses increase your ability to manage projects and associated risks more effectively.

The two PRINCE2 certification levels are: PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner.

Foundation certification demonstrates an understanding of how the method operates. The Practitioner certification demonstrates competency in applying and adapting the method to different project situations and scenarios.

Foundation certification is achieved by successfully completing the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. This exam is completed at the end of a 3 day Foundation training course. Practitioner certification is achieved by successfully completing the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam. This exam is completed at the end of the 2 day Practitioner training course.

Successfully completing the Foundation exam is a pre-requisite to completing the Practitioner exam.

The exams are produced by the APM Group and are based on a syllabus on which PRINCE2 certification training is based on.

  • Exam time: 1 hour
  • Number of questions: 75 questions
  • Maximum mark: 70 (This exam includes 5 questions that do not contribute to the delegate’s score)
  • Pass Mark: 35 (50% or more correct answers)
  • Open/closed book: Closed book
  • Question style: Multiple-choice

For your reference below are two sample PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Questions:

How does the process Starting up a Project support the principle defined roles and responsibilities?

  1. This is where the project management team is designed and appointed
  2. This process defines the activities for the initiation stage of the project
  3. It is in this process where the Project Product Description is produced
  4. It is in this process where the project approach is agreed to

Who confirms appointment of the project management team during Starting up a Project?

  1. Project Manager
  2. Project Board
  3. Project Executive
  4. Corporate Management

The Practitioner exam is a scenario based objective exam. Delegates are presented with a 1 – 2 page scenario, plus additional information for specific questions.

  • Exam time: 2.5 hours
  • Number of questions: 8 questions
  • Maximum mark: 80 marks
  • Pass Mark: 44 ( 55% or more correct answers)
  • Open/closed book: Open book
  • Question style: Objective. The delegate must answer 8 questions presented in the following styles:
    • Classical multiple choice
    • Multiple Response
    • Matching
    • Sequencing
    • Assertion / Reason

For your reference below are two sample PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Questions:

From the scenario which 2 statements are correct about the sample Business Case presented?

  1. A new sales ordering process is not a defined benefit
  2. Do nothing is an appropriate Business Option
  3. The fact the government has changed legislation is a risk that should be highlighted in the project’s Business Case, as this will have a direct impact on project costs
  4. The person responsible for Benefit Reviews should be documented in the project’s Business Case

From the scenario which 2 statements explain why the Operations Manager Joe Crane makes an appropriate project Executive?

  1. He has been with the company for 15 years and agrees with the aims of the project
  2. This is a great opportunity for Joe to gain experience in managing a complex project
  3. He is a skilled and qualified accountant
  4. He has the requisite authority to secure the project’s funding
  5. He has been given ultimate responsibility for the success of the project

Only accredited and licensed PRINCE2 organizations are permitted to deliver PRINCE2 courses and administer PRINCE2 exams.

Practitioner qualified delegates that want to retain their registration status must complete a Practitioner re-registration exam every 5 years. Delegates must successfully complete a 1 hour Practitioner re-registration exam or choose to complete the standard 2.5 hour Practitioner exam.

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