Learn more about PRINCE2 – FAQ’s

What are the benefits of adopting PRINCE2?

Here is a short list of some of the benefits offered by adopting PRINCE2:

  • Alignment to recognized best practice – thousands of organizations across the world use PRINCE2 as their project management standard.
  • PRINCE2 is a generic project management method suitable to all projects regardless of project type or size.
  • PRINCE2 projects are continuously reviewed to assess their viability.
  • PRINCE2 projects are broken into manageable stages to improve control by ensuring plans and the adequacy of project controls are reviewed at pre-defined points.
  • In PRINCE2 projects roles must be defined and agreed to – PRINCE2 presents a project management team structure that helps clarify project management responsibilities and communication lines which can be adopted for all projects regardless of type or size.
  • PRINCE2 planning approach has a strong focus on products. The method emphasizes the importance of defining each project deliverable prior to defining the activities, resources, costings and timings associated with its delivery.
  • PRINCE2 provides an approach to actively engage stakeholders throughout a project.
  • The application of the principle ‘management by exception’ is an important aspect as it aims to ensure a project has an appropriate level of control and management’s time is being used efficiently. PRINCE2 offers key controls to help apply this principle.
  • PRINCE2 promotes learning and continuous improvement.
  • At a corporate level PRINCE2 provides a consistent approach for the management of an organization’s portfolio of projects.
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Is PRINCE2 applicable to my industry?

PRINCE2 does not focus on the technical aspects of a project. The PRINCE2 method is designed to be used alongside technical procedures relevant to your industry. PRINCE2 is a project management model focused on applying management processes. These processes are designed so that they are relevant to all projects regardless of size or type.

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Is PRINCE2 Internationally recognised?

There are now over 1 million people qualified in PRINCE2 across the world and in many different business sectors. PRINCE2 is recognized by leading project management institutes.

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What is the difference between PRINCE2 & PMP?

PMP – Project Management Professional is a certification based on the manual Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). This certification assesses specific knowledge areas important to a project manager. PRINCE2 establishes a structured approach for the management of a project with focus on processes and activities. It involves the entire project management team, describing responsibilities for each project management team member.

In summary, PRINCE2 offers a process based approach to project management, defining a series of management processes defining what must be done, when and how it must be completed and by whom over the life of a project. Whereas PMP/PMBOK can be described as a knowledge based approach to project management, describing core practices and a wider range of techniques that can be applied to manage a project. PRINCE2 and PMBOK are not competitive models, they do overlap in parts, though generally they are complementary models that can be applied together for different aspects of a project.

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Does the training organization create the PRINCE2 certification exams?

Axelos Ltd. who are the proprietary owners of PRINCE2, set the exam syllabus and certification process. On enrolling into our accredited PRINCE2 courses our team will order a PRINCE2 exam in your name. Non – accredited organizations are not permitted to deliver PRINCE2 courses and therefore will not be able to order PRINCE2 certification exams.

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Can I complete a PRINCE2 exam with an accredited training provider but without training?

By licence accredited training organizations are not permitted to provide an exam only option. This is to ensure delegates are appropriately prepared for their exam and to maintain the quality of the PRINCE2 accreditation scheme.

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How can I complete a PRINCE2 training program?

You can register with an Accredited PRINCE2 Training Organization, commonly referred to as a PRINCE2 ATO. Accredited training providers will have an ‘accredited by’ logo, as shown below on the company’s website and marketing materials.


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